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Before You Buy a New Cricket Bat, Read These
Free Tips For Buying Cricket Bats Online…

So you want a new cricket bat do you? Well before you head off and buy one, you need to read this article, as there are a number of things you need to take into account before you make a decision and spend your hard earned money (or your parents) on a new cricket bat. Things to think about are:

– The brand or make of the cricket bat
– The size of the cricket bat,
– The model,
– And the weight of the bat,

…these are just a few things you need to consider before you buy a cricket bat.

This cheat sheet will give you a few ideas and tips to follow for when the time comes to replace you old bat with a brand new shiny cricket bat! (Make sure you bookmark this page (press ctrl D) so you can come back and read it later.)

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When you come to buy a cricket bat, in terms of what brand you go for it’s really a personl things, as there is not a huge amount of difference between brands. But some are better than others and some specialise in making certain types of bat.

Most major such as Kookaburra, Gray-Nicholls, Slazenger, have large ranges of bats and within those you’ll find similar bats in terms of their features and benefits. Rather than brand I would suggest you look more at the certain ‘models’ within the different brands, not just choose a bat because it’s made by Woodworm for example.

What does it offer to you?

Take your time choosing a bat and select the type of cricket bat that will most suit your style of batting. As certain bats are made specially for certain types of batsmen, for example the Kookaburra Big Kahuna is designed for stronger batsman who like to hit the ball (the big hitters). In contrast the Kookaburra Kahuna Ricky Pointing is aimed more for stroke players.

Cricket Bat Size & Weight

The most important thing you need to get right when buying a new cricket bat, is the SIZE and WEIGHT. A bat that is too small/large or too heavy/light is going to negatively affect your chance of scoring runs.

One of the best methods to find out if a bat is the right size is to stand in your normal batting stance, rest the toe of the bat against the outside of your back foot, and then lean the bat across you so that the top of the grip/handle rest on the inside of your groin of your front leg. The cricket bat, if it is the right size, will rest nicely next to your box.

The weight of the bat is next on the agenda. The bat should not be too heavy. Many batsmen seem to make the mistake of getting a bat which is far to heavy, as a consequence their batting suffers. If you are a young batter, go for a lighter bat, don’t listen to your mates who want a heavy bat, wait until you’re stronger.

To make sure it’s the right weight pick up the bat as if you were batting and play some pretend shots, the bat should have a good light pick up and you should be able to control it easily. If in doubt choose a lighter bat. I’m an adult and I like to choose a bat of around around 2′ 8 – 2′ 10 oz, in a short handle (SH). Choose what you feel comfortable with.

Types of Cricket Bat Willow – Which is Best?

The next thing that you should consider is the type of the willow (that’s the tree bats are made from) and the grade of the wood used to make the cricket bat. The majority of good bats are made from English cricket bat will, which is a fibrous, soft wood which makes it good for striking, and is the best type of willow bats are made from. The other popular type is Kashmir Willow, this is a cheaper option and is harder and quite durable. It’s usually used for junior bats and is not as satisfying to hit the ball with. If you have a choice go with English cricket bat willow.

The willow which is used to make cricket bats is rated or graded on a scale from G1+ to G4, G1+ being the best and G4 the lowest. G1+ is the highest graded willow and is used to make the best bats used by the top pros. It is unbleached with straight even grains and no markings or discolouration. It’s top quality and very expensive!

~Grade 4 (G4) willow is often non-oil and will usually have a covering on the face, such as an anti-scuff covering. It is the lowest grade of willow, which is represented in the price. If you have the money always opt for the highest grade willow you can afford.

You can now buy cricket bats online cheaper than you can offline, as online stores tend to have fewer costs associated with their businesses and so can offer cheaper prices and discounts. Also most offer guarantees on their bats so you can return it if the size or weight is not quite what you want. A sneaky tip; if you see a new bat you like go to your local store, check the size, weight, feel and pickup, then buy online, so you’ll get exactly what you want and save money in the process. And if you want it there and then, ask if they’ll ‘price match’ online prices – a lot of shops will now do this, as they realise the power of the internet.

These are just a few ideas and tips I consider when buying a new cricket bat, most importantly are the bats size, weight and feel. Obviously the price is an important factor, but by buying online you can often save money.

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